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Case Study: Royal Coach Truck Bodies

As summer ends, the auto body repair market will continue to usher in innovation. Many auto body shops now offer full service and body manufacturing for Royal Coach Trucks. Often associated with recreation and entertainment, owners of these vehicles uphold high standards in their exteriors to please clients. Such a massive endeavor requires a large installation, and an overall large facility installation, to get the job done.

Modified vehicle spray booths are constantly used for industrial applications. That is the case with Royal Truck Bodies, located in Paramount, CA, and soon relocating to Torrance, CA, a leading U.S. manufacturer of utility truck bodies. For the new facility, Rely-On Technologies took on the challenge put forth to the spray booth industry to provide a high-volume production finishing line that could incorporate both traditional and custom manufactured truck bodies, while complying with all South Coast AQMD restrictions. The Rely-On/Garmat team, working with the Royal engineers, developed an equipment production line that would provide maximum output at minimal operating expense and maintenance.  The 140′, 7-booth production finishing line takes the truck body from primary wash to final bake, with an output of a finished truck body every forty-five minutes.

Rely-On continues at the forefront of the continuously growing auto repair industry. In assessing the scope of work required for Royal Coach installations, we learned these high-volume products require more than just routine exterior upkeep. In addition, these automobiles use the latest in inland processing and, therefore, need regular service from their manufacturers direct.

By meeting the needs of Royal Truck Bodies, Rely-On stays ahead of the game by offering top-notch equipment and installations for its specialty service industry market. No job too big (pun intended) or small that we at Rely-On cannot handle!

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