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Ending the Summer and Entering 2017

Summer 2016 proved itself as a lucrative time for Rely-On Technologies, all of which led to the pinnacle event of the season—the NACE Expo in Anaheim, California.

Rely-On began this period by expanding the market of Caliber Collision. With Caliber’s recent acquisition of Fletcher Jones Motorcars, Caliber looked to hit the ground running in ushering in new body shops across the state. Rely-On first installed new repair equipment in Van Nuys, particularly a semi-downdraft, double-prep booth along with two Garmat USA 3000 down-draft spray booths. Following, Rely-On ventured to North Las Vegas to open another location for Caliber Collision, overcoming many obstacles presented by the city to install one double-frontier prep station, two downdraft spray booths, and one mix room—which Rely-On successfully installed on time. Finally, Rely-On rounded out Caliber stores in the city of Poway, meeting the high demand of the growing population. Although Summer 2016 brought many challenges and detailed work, Rely-On dominated the market and exceeded all expectations—continuing to uphold its standards of over thirty years.

This month, Rely-On exhibited at the world famous NACE | CARS EXPO, where attendees networked, and viewed excellent exhibits and dedicated professionals from across the automotive repair industry. Rely-On showcased their work with Caliber Collision and the innovative equipment Garmat USA will usher in 2017. As Rely-On continues to grow with these exceptional brands, the team continues to produce quality and renowned client experience it their work.

About Al Ortiz

President of Rely-On Technologies. We sell, install and service paint spray booth systems nationwide. We sell to the Aerospace, Automotive, Technology, Defense and industrial industries.

Caliber Collision Poway and the San Diego Experience

Once a small ocean-side town, San Diego now embodies a bustling metropolis with an ever-growing population. San Diego locals know their county for its vast diversity and cultural eclectics. From the Padres to the Charges, the animal-based attractions to Balboa Park, San Diego County emulates continuous growth and change to meet the needs of the community—ensuring something for everyone. With that, as supply and demand tell us, Rely-On must meet the needs of locals and their automotive maintenance.

paint booth system poway san diego

Since its beginning, Rely-On Technologies continues to maintain a lasting relationship with the San Diego region. Poway’s newest Caliber Collision shop embodies the changing automotive repair industry throughout the San Diego region. Many small, independent repair shops no longer possess the capabilities to meet the demands of the growing population and face selling their businesses. As a result, larger companies like Caliber Collision now buy out these smaller shops to make all turnout needs required by the increasing market.

The same notion goes for the auto body repair industry throughout this area of Southern California. Rely-Technologies recently established a new Caliber Collision branch in the city of Poway—the former’s second installation in San Diego County in less than six months. Similar to Rely-On’s previous installations Port Authority and Mission Gorge, the upcoming San Marcos facility will cater to the high-traffic area, which reflects the ever-growing population in the county.

While the populace in San Diego County continues to grow, in turn increasing the demand of high turnover body shops, locals should not worry over how these changes will affect their auto repair service. Rely-On Technologies will continue to serve the community and ensure top-notch quality to companies and clients alike.

About Al Ortiz

President of Rely-On Technologies. We sell, install and service paint spray booth systems nationwide. We sell to the Aerospace, Automotive, Technology, Defense and industrial industries.

What You Need To Know About the 6H Rule

When RelyOn sells a spray booth, we make sure that the booth you buy is beneficial for your business. That means that our booths help you to maximize paint coverage, and they save your workers time when it comes to application and paint stripping. We also make sure that all of the booths we sell are compliant with the laws and guidelines that are in effect by the EPA. For any body shop in the country, that means making sure that our spray booths are 6H Rule compliant.

What Is The 6H Rule?

Officially, the 6H rule is subpart HHHHHH of EPA law 63.11169 titled “National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Paint Stripping and Miscellaneous Coating Operations at Area Sources.” Basically what it means is that the EPA is trying to lower the instances of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) such as lead and methylene chloride by creating stricter rules for the application of these substances.

Area Source

At the end of that long title, you may have noticed the phrase “area source.” The EPA defines an area source as any facility that uses paints with HAPs in them that, if the application of the HAPs is not contained, could release at least 10 tons of HAPs each year into the atmosphere. This would include most of the medium to large body shops in the United States, which is why understanding the 6H Rule is so important.

The History Of The 6H Rule

The EPA officially launched the 6H Rule on January 10, 2011. By that date, any body shop that uses primers, paints or thinners that contain HAPs had to submit a three-page survey to their local EPA office to make sure that they were part of the regular inspections to maintain compliance.

Staying Compliant With The 6H Rule

In order to be compliant with the 6H Rule, a body shop must:

  • Have spray booths that meet the EPA’s requirements
  • Maintained a staff of certified spray booth employees who have valid EPA 6H certificates (these certificates must be updated every five years through training from the EPA)
  • Have training manuals for all spray guns on hand and available at all times
  • Have a valid state air permit

Are There Exceptions?

There are a few exceptions to the 6H Rule, but you will find that the exceptions are rare. The major exceptions include:

  • The United States Military
  • Any shop that does not use atomizing spray technology (check with your local EPA office to see if you are exempt)
  • Shops that use hand-held spray guns with a capacity of three fluid ounces or less
  • Shops that utilize powder coatings
  • Shops that utilize non-refillable aerosol spray cans
  • Shops that use metallic or non-metallic materials for thermal spray processes
  • Facility maintenance painting

What Are The Penalties?

The penalties are handed out directly by the EPA and can vary depending on the duration of the offense and how the volume of HAPs being released into the air. Shops that did not register as they were instructed can still be subject to fines if they are turned in by concerned residents.

The Clean Air Act gives the EPA the legal right to assess fines of up to $32,000 per day, per offense. The EPA also has the authority to pursue criminal charges, if they deem that necessary.

How RelyOn Can Help

RelyOn is a licensed installation and repair contractor for Garmat USA. All of the spray booths made by Garmat USA are designed to meet the requirements of the 6H Rule, and the installation work done by RelyOn also meets the EPA’s standards.

The fines for not complying with the 6H Rule are hefty, and the EPA is taking the elimination of HAPs very seriously. Give RelyOn a call and let us get you started on your 6H Rule compliant Garmat USA paint booth and do your part to keep the environment clean.


Green Service FAQ On The 6H Rule

EPA 6H Paint Rule – What You Need To Know

EPA Summary of Regulations Controlling Air Emissions from Paint Stripping and Miscellaneous Surface Coating Operations

About Al Ortiz

President of Rely-On Technologies. We sell, install and service paint spray booth systems nationwide. We sell to the Aerospace, Automotive, Technology, Defense and industrial industries.

What is Air Quality District Management Rule 1147?

In an effort to combat climate change, the South Coast Air Quality Management District enacted a series of rules and regulations to offset emissions for potentially dangerous pollutants. Rule 1147 addresses the role of nitrogen oxide. NOx is formed when fuel is burned at high temperatures. While a principal cause of nitrogen oxide is motor vehicle emissions, it can also be caused by stationary sources, like industrial boilers or electric utilities. In 2008, the South Coast Air Quality Management District approved a measure that sets limits on the amount of nitrogen oxide that an appliance like an industrial burner can emit. While the levels vary depending on the piece of equipment, the current level for an industrial burner is 30 ppm.
What Are the Benefits of Air Quality Control?
Nitrogen oxide is a highly reactive gas that can have serious effects on the environment. It is most well-known for its role in creating an atmospheric reaction that leads to ground-level ozone, or smog. Regulation of NOx emissions can help curtail serious environmental ramifications, like:

  • Acid rain
  • Lowered resistance to respiratory infections, like the flu
  • Acute respiratory illness in children
  • As you can see, Rule 1147 plays an important role in keeping our environment clean and our families healthy.

How is RelyOn Leading the Charge?

RelyOn is committed to honoring the state of California’s high standards when it comes to nitrous oxide emissions. Our LoNox Burner not only meets the SCAQMD’s stringent emissions standards, but offers several other benefits, as well.

When you purchase a burner system, you may be tempted to find a budget burner. However, these never turn out to be the great deal that they seem.  They often out sooner, require more maintenance, and will likely need more repairs to keep in line with the Rule 1147 standard.

If you make modifications to your previous equipment, it usually takes a year of approval and testing before it can be certified as meeting Rule 1147 standards. With a RelyOn’s LoNox burner, you have the convenience of pre-approval. What’s more, we will handle the Rule 1147 application for you.

Here are some of the features of our LoNox Burner:

  • Digital interface with touch screen
  • Full bake cycle
  • Compatibility with all spray booth designs: down draft, semi-down draft, cross draft
  • VFD Variable Frequency Drives
  • 1MBTU

We stand apart from the competition by offering the highest quality equipment with outstanding customer service. We have over 30 years of experience in selling and installing equipment, so we can tailor your installation to meet your unique needs.

We’ve had clients from Mercedes-Benz to family dealerships. In one instance, we had a client who requested routine maintenance, but had to do a complete burner overhaul because their previous budget units were charred on the inside. Thanks to RelyOn’s quick customer service and pre-approved equipment, the client was able to keep their grand opening on schedule.

At RelyOn, we believe that a superior product and the best customer service will always be the keys to doing good business. If you have any questions about our LoNox burner, or how we can help bring your equipment up to regulation quickly and efficiently, don’t hesitate to contact us.

2015 Sharp Shooter Contest

Win a Trip To SEMA 2015 From Garmat USA

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO July 9, 2015 –It’s back, GARMAT USA’s Sharp Shooter Contest! GARMAT USA has announced the return of the Garmat Sharp Shooter contest for shop owners and paint techs.  The contest which began in 2011 was designed to recognize quality paint techs and shop owners that use Garmat equipment. Grand Prize includes a trip for 2 to the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas and a SATAjet 4000B Camouflage Limited Edition Paint Gun.

“The talent that we have seen from this contest just continues to amaze everyone within the Garmat organization,” says Johan Huwaert, Garmat USA’s general manager. “The shop owners appreciate the contest too, as it provides the added benefit of validating their commitment to quality by showcasing their choice of equipment and capabilities of their technicians.”

The Garmat Sharp Shooter Contest will run from July 9, 2015 –October 1, 2015. Entering the contest is as easy as uploading a video and/or emailing the application form.  Paint techs and their managers will have the opportunity to tell their Garmat Story in either video testimonial or written statements.  Judging is based on the shop owner and paint tech’s dedication to providing quality paint jobs, superior customer service, attention to safety and overall equipment knowledge.  Bonus questions include an inquiry on how Garmat can improve their Garmat experience with product improvements.

In addition to the Grand Prize of a free trip to the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas, SATA will once again provide 2 SATA Camo Paint Guns to be presented to the top two entries.  Five finalists will each be awarded two Wi-Fi tablets, (one for the contestant and one for the owner/manager); and a 3M logo’d backpack.  The first 100 entrants will receive a custom Garmat Sharp Shooter Cap.  Contest rules and regulations can be found at  The application can be downloaded at:

Winners from the 2014 Sharp Shooter contest can be found on

Founded in 1988, Garmat USA is a manufacturer of technologically advanced paint spray booths and equipment. Garmat USA’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located at 1401 W. Stanford Ave., Englewood, Co., USA. – 303.781.6802.

Sata by DanAM is an official sponsor of the Sharp Shooter Contest, no recommendation or affiliation is implied.

3M is an official sponsor of the Sharp Shooter Contest, no recommendation or affiliation is implied

Meeting the Rule 1147 LoNox Burner Requirements While Increasing Revenues

Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach is California’s premier Mercedes Benz dealership. Their collision center is no different in terms of annual sales. When South Coast AQMD came to their shop, the owners knew they would have to upgrade their spray booth heaters to meet the Rule 1147 LoNox burner requirements. This would prove to be a challenge due to the volume of work going through that shop at any given time. Adding to the set of hurdles, with the expansion of the dealership to include the Sprinter Vans, they also needed to add a new Garmat 3000 Hi-Roof spray booth to handle the taller vehicles. FJ Mercedes Benz decided to contact Rely-On Technologies with these unique sets of challenges.

The first challenge was to fit a taller spray booth into what essentially is a parking structure with enough height to handle a van with a height measuring up to 108”. The second challenge was to retro-fit the existing two downdraft booths with brand new Garmat AQMD Pre-Approved burners without slowing down production. With proper pre-planning, Rely-On was up to the challenge to install the new booth with new burners—and keep the collision center at Fletcher Jones producing their high volume of output.

The Garmat 3000 Hi-Roof Sprinter Van booth is a ”modified” downdraft paint booth with a pit-less design. This unit comes with an AQMD Pre-Approved LoNox burner built into the ceiling of the booth and maximizes the valuable floor space Fletcher Jones required to maintain output. Features of this booth were Garmat’s TrueWhite light fixtures, drive through option, and integrated blower system for waterborne paints—a complete package in a smaller footprint. With the booth installed and fired-up, phase two of this project could begin.

With a fully functional spray booth, Rely-On Technologies dismantled the existing booths for the LoNox retrofit. The new Garmat 3000 Burner unit comes complete with the latest Garmat technologies, including a smaller footprint, capacitive touch screen technology and most importantly, is SC AQMD Rule 1147 Pre-Approved. By being pre-approved, there is no need for field testing or additional expense. The booths were retro fitted over two long weekends, and with the input from the head painter Paul, the booths were fired-up, balanced and brought up to “new booth” performance, extending the life of the booth for another twenty years minimum!

With a project of this scope, Rely-On Technologies completed another successful installation of a high performance shop, Fletcher Jones Mercedes, on time and as un-obtrusive to their monthly performance as possible. Having installed the latest Garmat technologies, ensuring that Fletcher Jones will continue as the collision leader for years to come.

Engineering and Installing Spray Booths From Start to Finish

Spanning over three generations, Rely-On Technologies proudly maintains its tradition of operating as family business. Our clientele list is the product of thirty-five years of providing top rate service while maintaining the highest level of quality for spray booth installation. This past year, Rely-On embarked on a mission to expand into other territories that touch our core business. Today, we are proud to say that Rely-On continues to provide full contracting services to meet your growing business.

Our work as a general contractor allowed us to pull our own permits with various city agencies. But as building codes changed in past year, the building department now maintains a list of changes that involve more general construction to meet current American Disabilities Act (ADA) codes. Essentially, this means additional engineering, change orders, et cetera, and all this happens before the spray booth is installed. This, of course, adds additional expense to the overall paint booth project, and in many of those cases, dealing with an outside contractor adds a great deal of time to the project. It made sense for Rely-On to perform the contracting tasks required by the building and safety. Rely-On was already at the city with an open permit, correct contractor licenses, site plans, et cetera, and had the information of the inspectors that made these requirements. It made sense to perform the general construction that would bring a site to current building and ADA code.

Keeping the contracting work in-house allows us to maintain premier quality we have come to be known for in the industry. With many concrete ramp, handicap accessible bathroom, and parking re-grading projects under our belt, it was only a matter of time until we added office demolition and remodel to our list of capabilities.

For instance, Marina Auto Body in Inglewood, California, was the first project where Rely-On completed an entire build out from start to finish, offices to shop floor. One of the earliest challenges we faced was whether or not we could get a conditional use permit to even put a body shop in the neighborhood. After meeting with local city officials and the small business bureau, we found ourselves confident that we would be able to proceed forward with the project. We knew going into this that there was going to be hurdles that we had to overcome, but sometimes the only way to do something is just to jump in and do it. Jump we did!

The project began with a complex electrical upgrade that included a new electrical room, meter upgrade, step down transformers, et cetera, for the projected voltage this shop was going to use. This involved inspection after inspection, working without power on a rented generator, to meet the satisfaction of SCE. While we waited for them to turn the power on, we had the floors in the shop getting cut and excavated for the spray booth pit installation. We also held a 40’ long concrete drive way ramp being installed, offices being remodeled, heavy equipment being delivered, stripes being painted, as well as numerous other responsibilities we ensured to complete with the utmost standards. When everything was all said and done, we handed the keys over to the owner of Marina, on time and turnkey.

We are excited about what the future of Rely-On Technologies holds for us. This project allowed us to take on these larger, more complex builds, so we can truly become a “one stop shop” contractor and spray booth installer. Already we have several more build outs on the schedule, many more in the bidding phase, and look forward to continue with the tradition of quality work and quality installation for another thirty-five years.

Repower Your Spray Booth With An AQMD LoNox System!

Need an AQMD Compliant Heater? Need more power for your aging spray booth? Rely On Technologies presents the AQMD LoNox Repower System! A complete paint booth replacement might not be the only answer. Consider “REPOWERING” your paint booth with an AQMD PRE-APPROVED 1MBTU LoNox Garmat Mechanical! Take the guesswork out of whether or not you’re purchasing a burner that’ll satisfy the AQMD Rule 1147. And the best part is that since its already pre-approved, there is no need to hire an expensive source testing company to determine whether or not the new “budget burner” meets the “less than 30ppm nox” ruling. The Rely On LoNox Repower System program is designed to work with ALL BOOTH DESIGNS, including down draft, semi-down draft, and cross draft booths! So call us today!

Fully Automated Aluminum Isolation Zone Roll Up Curtain System

Rely On Technologies has always worked with auto manufacturers to stay ahead of future trends in collision repair.

Partnering with Ford last year, Rely On has made several presentations to the sales reps at Ford Rotunda to discuss the Ford Body Shop Program certification for the 2015 Ford F-150 aluminum truck.

Requiring that in order for certification, a shop owner must “have a work separation system that isolates aluminum vehicles from vehicles undergoing steel repairs – separation can be a separate room or curtain system.”

Many shop owners, especially on the west coast, are already maxed out on space allocated for the collision center, cannot dedicate more space for another separate work station dedicated for aluminum repair.

So what’s the solution? The Roll Up Curtain System by Rely On. It’s a simple system that is quick to install by Rely On’s Award winning installation team that can turn any stall into an aluminum prep station, ready for Ford Certification. And when the aluminum repair job is complete, the curtains automatically roll up out of the way, and the stall is returned back to normal use. Two stalls in one! For inquiries on purchase & installation, please call Al Ortiz III at 562.260.4006.

A Legacy beyond Our Limits: SpaceX and the Falcon 9

Aerospace Finishing Systems for SpaceXOn September 29, 2013, SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 v1.1 Rocket, also known as “Grasshopper,” into orbit. The rocket carried the Cassiope payload in its bay and aimed to test the potential for reusable rockets. SpaceX used a Garmat USA spray booth to finish the outer aesthetics and protective layers of their rocket. The spray booth used to paint the rocket was designed, manufactured, and installed through a joint venture by RelyOn and Garmat. From the initial concept provided by the rocket scientists of SpaceX, RelyOn and Garmat designed a paint booth to better equip external coatings of rockets like the Grasshopper for an atmosphere above ground level and harsher than what we are used to. As a well-recognized customer of RelyOn, SpaceX demonstrates that we cater to your applicative finishing needs—whether for vehicles, industrial equipment, or something beyond known limits!

For more information on SpaceX and the work we conducted with them please follow the link below.

Finishing Systems for The Aerospace Industry